September 19, 2012

The Past and Future of Nokia

Symbian software in the quarter to end-June, more than the 4 million sales in Windows phones, even though it has launched only one Symbian handset in the last 12 months."
It's symbian which is paying Elop's salary. Now if that's not killing the golden goose then what is!

September 12, 2012

iPhone 5: First Impressions

The shortest review of the new iPhone 5.

  • Oddly rectangular with patented rounded corners.
  • Couldn't have been made wider. A wider body would risk a lighter grip. And if it falls, the screen too fragile to withstand any shock.
  • What's next, iPhone 6 with 5" body but the same width! Would you want it? No! Could it not have been bigger now?
  • Bluetooth not compatible with non-Apple devices. No NFC. No USB. 
  • No removable memory. Pay extra for the connector adapter, which comes for $30. Pay premium for all things Apple.  Accessories for Apple products are already a vast and lucrative business. In the last year, iPadiPod and iPhone add-ons, including speakers, cases and power chargers, generated $2 billion in sales in the United States alone, according to the NPD Group, a research firm. This year add another $1B which is coming from Samsung courtesy rounded corners.

September 7, 2012

50 Timeless Movies

50 Movies that I recommend you to watch.