August 29, 2007

New Blogger Formatting Issue

In the new blogger I was trying to add a 'block' say <p></p> or <pre></pre> and it turns out that text below got screwed up. The line spacing and font sizes got changed for the rest of the post... pretty annoying. So here is how I made it to work!

Start with a change suggested here

.post p, .post-body {
margin:0 0 .75em;
This would take care of the spacing issue. But you gotta do something more to make it work! e.g. to be able to paste a code snippet, I added this

.post pre {
margin:0 0 .75em;
font:1em/1.2em monospace;
color: #003300;


I have not applied this fix in THIS blog. So you can see what I am talking about!!

August 12, 2007

KFC... mistakes happen

Enough of KFC... I don't remember ever walking out of a fast food joint like this.
It's the most horrible food I have ever had. I mean how bad does it have to be to make you get up halfway through and trash all you got in your tray.

Never going back.

August 9, 2007

Work Culture (Toyota vs GM)

Japanese company (Toyota) and an American company (General Motors) decided to have a canoe race on the Missouri River. Both teams practiced long and hard to reach their peak performance before the race.On the big day, the Japanese won by a mile.

The Americans, very discouraged and depressed, decided to investigate the reason for the crushing defeat. A management team made up of senior management was formed to investigate and recommend appropriate action. Their conclusion was the Japanese had 8 people rowing and 1 person steering, while the American team had 8 people steering and 1 person rowing.

Feeling a deeper study was in order; American management hired a consulting company and paid them a large amount of money for a second opinion. They advised, of course, that too many people were steering the boat, while not enough people were rowing.

Not sure of how to utilize that information, but wanting to prevent another loss to the Japanese, the rowing team’s management structure was totally reorganized to 4 steering supervisors, 3 area steering superintendents and 1 assistant superintendent steering manager. They also implemented a new performance system that would give the 1 person rowing the boat greater incentive to work harder. It was called the ‘Rowing Team Quality First Program,’ with meetings, dinners and free pens and a certificate of completion for the rower. There was discussion of getting new paddles, canoes and other equipment, extra vacation days for practices and bonuses.

The next year the Japanese won by two miles.

Humiliated, the American management laid off the rower (a reduction in workforce) for poor performance, halted development of a new canoe, sold the paddles, and canceled all capital investments for new equipment. The money saved was distributed to the Senior Executives as bonuses and the next year’s racing team was ‘out-sourced’ to India.

Sadly, the End.

However, sad, but oh so true!

Here’s something else to think about: Ford has spent the last thirty years moving all its factories out of the US, claiming they can’t make money paying American wages. Toyota has spent the last thirty years building more than a dozen plants inside the U.S .

The last quarter’s results: Toyota made 4 billion in profit while Ford racked up 9 billion in lo sses.

Ford folks are still scratching their heads.

August 6, 2007

Sanjay Dutt.. Is the punishment fair??

Sanjay Dutt committed a crime. And anyone who does it should be punished. Thats the law of the land. The law of the land stipulates minimum 5 years jail term for this act.

The purpose of punishment is not only to punish but also to deter others doing the same mistake. Thats how you maintain the law and order. You murder a person and then don't kill a mosquito next ten years and claim you have reformed!!! Does it absolve you of your crime? How do we know Dutt is a great human being?? We are all in love with the characters that he has played. How well do you know him personally?

Procuring sophisticated weapons from known 'terrorists' and gangsters!!! Does it not ring any bells in your ears? Would you do that for 'protecting' your family. You think he was not wise enough to get one by legitimate means. I am sure everyone who has been sent to jail has broken down. Even Abu Salem would have broken down. That doesn't prove anything and tears don't wash your deeds. Thousands of people are sent to jail every year. We all know not all of them deserve to. Unlike Dutt, some of them are even innocent.

India will be better off if politics and 'emotions' don't come in the way of law and justice. Lets stop trying to interfere in what is not our business. get on with our lives. Or soon some politician will turn this issue to his/her own benefit as they have always and we end up as losers... as always. Sign this petition if you support the course of law.

Sign the anti-petition

Chiming in:
IntelliBriefs: To pardon Sanjay Dutt is to imprison justice