September 10, 2006

India : the illusion.

India a superpower? A reality check!

There is nothing in this article that you can disagree on. India has become a mockery of everything. A textbook example of what not to do. I am in US right now. A major coropration wanted to expand its operations in my city. The city government rejected the offer - you know why, as the city did not have the infrastructure to support it. Now you go to Gurgaon. You will see plush malls and glasshouses. You wont see better wider roads or traffic control but you will see a pan-shop at every corner. Bangalore is already crumbling. Devegoda succeded in scrapping an expressway project. India needs visionaries. West has not progressed so much by sheer luck. But who is to blame - the politicians or the bureaucrats. In fact, it is us. They are from among us. They are one of us. If we can't change ourselves, we shouldn't expect them to. We have to stop saying no to bribes. We have to stop spitting on roads. We have to learn to respect the law. India could become a sweatshop at best, unless we discipline ourselves and look beyond our petty interests.

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