September 22, 2010

Mess-merising CWG.

1. QBR corruption was just 0.07% of the total budget.
=>C'mon India is used to bigger scams - whats the big deal. Get over it.
2. Collapsed bridge was only meant for common people
=> Common People don't matter. So don't care - it's doesn't affect National Pride.
3. What would change if we remove Kalmadi.
=> Nothing of course - you will replace him with an equally "capable" person as you always do. No change.
4. Acceptable Hygiene and Cleanliness Levels vary.
=>Yeah! they do... how about the World-Class standards that were promised. So I guess there are different World-Class standards too in different countries.. right!
(Lalit Bhanot might eat dogshit and also sleep in it.. the world doesn't).
5. (In parliament) Go file an RTI if you want to know how money was spent on CWG.
=>Unbelievable Arrogance shown by the Sports Minister - the same guy who pushed aside the coach for a Photo-Op!!!
6. It'll all come together in the end (like the Monsoon Wedding)!
=>Yeah..! Monsoon did bless Delhi... but we don't see any wedding. Guests are reluctant to attend this wedding.

And after 8 nations have threatened to pull out -
We don't see any spokesperson from Govt on Debates on news channel.
Delhi CM says "these are minor glitches and hitches. Be positive."

There is nothing to save or salvage. It's over. There is no National Pride at stake anymore. India has either redefined the term "Third World" for the worse or confirmed First World's perception about it.

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