August 29, 2007

New Blogger Formatting Issue

In the new blogger I was trying to add a 'block' say <p></p> or <pre></pre> and it turns out that text below got screwed up. The line spacing and font sizes got changed for the rest of the post... pretty annoying. So here is how I made it to work!

Start with a change suggested here

.post p, .post-body {
margin:0 0 .75em;
This would take care of the spacing issue. But you gotta do something more to make it work! e.g. to be able to paste a code snippet, I added this

.post pre {
margin:0 0 .75em;
font:1em/1.2em monospace;
color: #003300;


I have not applied this fix in THIS blog. So you can see what I am talking about!!

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