August 6, 2007

Sanjay Dutt.. Is the punishment fair??

Sanjay Dutt committed a crime. And anyone who does it should be punished. Thats the law of the land. The law of the land stipulates minimum 5 years jail term for this act.

The purpose of punishment is not only to punish but also to deter others doing the same mistake. Thats how you maintain the law and order. You murder a person and then don't kill a mosquito next ten years and claim you have reformed!!! Does it absolve you of your crime? How do we know Dutt is a great human being?? We are all in love with the characters that he has played. How well do you know him personally?

Procuring sophisticated weapons from known 'terrorists' and gangsters!!! Does it not ring any bells in your ears? Would you do that for 'protecting' your family. You think he was not wise enough to get one by legitimate means. I am sure everyone who has been sent to jail has broken down. Even Abu Salem would have broken down. That doesn't prove anything and tears don't wash your deeds. Thousands of people are sent to jail every year. We all know not all of them deserve to. Unlike Dutt, some of them are even innocent.

India will be better off if politics and 'emotions' don't come in the way of law and justice. Lets stop trying to interfere in what is not our business. get on with our lives. Or soon some politician will turn this issue to his/her own benefit as they have always and we end up as losers... as always. Sign this petition if you support the course of law.

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Chiming in:
IntelliBriefs: To pardon Sanjay Dutt is to imprison justice

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